CIA-CT CONFERENCE – on Applications of Computed Tomography in the Industry

Date: Tue, 25 April 2023 09:30 am - 16:10 pm

Following a successful line of conferences started in 2010, this 8th conference gives the latest update on the use of Computed Tomography (CT) in the industry. The conference program includes 10 invited presentations by international experts and industrial users of CT. Challenges and solutions will be illustrated relative to the use of CT for inspection […]

Miniseminar: Status på kemisk genanvendelse af vanskelige plastfraktioner

Date: Mon, 22 May 2023 09:30 am - 15:30 pm

Den 22. maj 2023 afholder Dansk Materiale Netværk i samarbejde med Ocean Plastic Forum et miniseminar, hvor fokus er en statusopdatering om kemisk genanvendelse af vanskelige plast­frak­tioner.

The network where knowledge is sha­red a­round the con­cre­te plas­tic is­sues