There are many good reasons for joining DMN as a member. Some of them are listed below.

  • Admission to a network where specific projects are going on with collaboration between industry, universities, knowledge centres and government institutions.
  • Admission to a forum for materials interested companies.
  • At various events hosted by DMN, there will be a possibility of exchange of ideas and experience with others who are working with materials related problems.
  • Sparring with respect to applications to government supported projects. Projects of an innovative nature that benefit several companies have a possibility of obtaining 50 – 75% financing from Danish government institutions.
  • Admission to DMN’s website for members,
    This website contains a information database, publications, information about project status, etc.
  • Matchmaking
    In response to a specific contact from a company, DMN will help to form a direct match with network participants.


Annual Wheel

The table below shows the planned events for 2024:


Winter 2024
January 29 DMN: Packaging course – Make your flexible packaging sustainable on an informed basis
February 6 ATV Semapp: Machine Learning in Manufacturing
February 27 ATV Semapp: Understanding new PFAS regulations and the impact on industry
February 29 ATV Semapp: Course – Corrosion Management and Failure Analysis: Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)


Spring 2024
March 13 DMN: AluNet course – Know your aluminium
March 14 DMN: Plastic course – Basic knowledge of plastics
March 21 ATV Semapp: Climatic reliability of electronics – challenges and perspectives – The 9th International Seminar
April 11 ATV Semapp: Course – Corrosion, materials and biofilms in aqueous supply systems
April 16 DMN: Packaging course – Conversion to green packaging– how?
April 18 ATV Semapp: Introduction to tribology – The science of friction, wear & lubrication
May 2 DMN: Packaging course – Make your flexible packaging sustainable on an informed basis
May 30 ATV Semapp: Course – GPS as a common language – Geometric product specifications


Summer 2024
No events available yet


Autumn 2024
October 7 ATV Semapp: Corrosion control for a greener world – A short course on theory and practice


Coming soon DMN Plastic course: In collaboraion with AMU Syd
Coming soon DMN Course: Pretreatment of aluminium
Coming soon DMN Theme day: Company visit at Per Aarsleff A/S
Coming soon DMN Fire course: In collaboration with Dansk Brand- og Sikringsteknisk Institut
Coming soon Company visit: Packaging industry
Coming soon Company visit: Coloplast A/S
Coming soon Company visit: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S, Aalborg


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