Danish Materials Network Data Policy

1.  About Danish Materials Network Data Policy

When you become a member of the Danish Materials Network, Niels Bohrs Vej 6, DK-6700 Esbjerg (DMN), you will be created as a user on our website (www.dmn-net.com). You provide certain information to DMN. This data policy describes what information DMN collects, why DMN collects information and to what DMN uses this information. All in all to give you an overview of your rights.

DMN processes information in accordance with the Privacy law (Law No. 429 of 31 May 2000, as amended) (“Persondataloven”) and other applicable privacy laws (including any legislation implemented under the terms of the European Parliament and Council Directives and Regulations).

2.  Collection of Information

When you visit our website (www.dmn-net.com, certain information about you is collected. This is information you, directly or indirectly, submit to Danish Materials Network, for example, when you sign up for one of our events. All information is stored for a long period until it is no longer relevant.

Personal Information

When you want to sign up as a member of Danish Materials Network and / or when you want to sign up for our events, Danish Materials Network collects personal information such as name, email address, telephone numbers (work phone and mobile phone), occupation and your company that you choose to submit on our website (www.dmn-net.com).

Geographical Location Information

When you visit our website (www.dmn-net.com), indirect information about your physical location is collected.

Technical Information

When you visit our website (www.dmn-net.com , technical information such as electronic device, source of visit to our website and behavior on our website is collected. This is indirectly collected information.

3.  Processing Information

Danish Materials Network records and processes information to get a statistical insight into the general use of our website (www.dmn-net.com) and to reach our members.

Personal Information

In connection with our events, we send out invitations, confirmations and reminders to the individual.

Danish Materials Network also contacts members via personal information about interest in new projects that Danish Materials Network stands for.

Questionnaires are also send to get an overview of whether we can satisfy our members’ expectations.

Newsletters are sent to all who have submitted their email addresses to inform them with our upcoming events, projects and etc.

Geographical Location Information

Danish Materials Network is an industrial portal that will be able to reach industrial companies in Denmark, possibly become international. For this reason, we are very interested in gaining an overview of our member’s geographical location, as well as the geographical location of anonymous visitors on our website.

Technical Information

We use technical information statistically to obtain a general knowledge of behavior, to develop and improve our website, to develop analyzes of our campaigns on various platforms.

4.  Correction of Information

If you notice that the registered personal information is incorrect or inadequate, you may request Danish Materials Network to correct this information. Request for correction of information must be submitted by e-mail to Danish Materials Network information mail: info@dmn-net.com

5.  Deletion of Information

If you do not want DMN membership anymore, you can request Danish Materials Network to delete personal information. Request for deletion of information must be submitted by e-mail to Danish Materials Network information mail: info@dmn-net.com

6.  Consent

By providing certain personal information for membership of DMN or for signing up for an event as well as using our website (www.dmn-net.com), you give Danish Materials Network your consent to collecting and processing information.

7.  Protection of Information

For the protection of your personal information against loss, destruction and manipulation as well as unauthorized access, we have technical and organizational security measures. Our employees and all third parties involved in data processing are required to comply with the Privacy Law, to treat all information confidential and as private information. All information collected through our website will be encrypted when transferred, to prevent third party abuse of data.

8.  Changes in the Data Policy

If changes to Danish Materials Network Data Policy are made, which results in changes in the manner in which Danish Materials Network processes your information, Danish Materials Network will notify you of these changes and request your consent.


Valid from July 1, 2014 / Updated December 1, 2017

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