Danish Materials Network

DMN is an innovation network which works to strengthen the competitiveness and earnings of the Danish industry through the innovative use of materials and materials technologies.

The network was established in 2014 as a partnership between three existing innovation networks – AluCluster, PlastNet facilitated by Plast Center Danmark and Staalcentrum – that all have extensive experience in the areas of information sharing, matchmaking and project collaboration.

The network continues today as a unified network for materials and is facilitated by the commercial foundation Plast Center Denmark.

Matchmaking and information sharing in the materials technology area

DMN offers matchmaking, distribution of data and education in materials technology. In addition, DMN carries out demonstration projects in collaboration with Danish companies, universities, government institutions and leading knowledge institutions at home and abroad.

DMN works with the most important materials for the Danish industry such as various metals, semi-conductors, ceramics and polymeric materials. DMN works with the materials separately and in combinations, while keeping an open eye on new developments in advanced materials, e.g. hybrid materials, phase change materials and functional materials.

Increased competitiveness through materials technological progress

Materials technology touches on the central topics such as climate, energy, environment, welfare, health, transport, construction, and food, and development of new materials and material combinations that can pave the way for better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly products. Investing in materials technology is therefore central to securing the future growth of the community. For the same reason, the EU has designated materials technology as a Key Enabling Technology that will contribute to making European companies more competitive (Horizon 2020).

Consequently, DMN is working to increase the level of expertise in the Danish industry within the materials area – resulting in improved competitiveness and earnings.

DMN - The Danish industry portal for solving materials related problems