Aluminium casting technology day at Jydsk Aluminium Industri

The Casting Technology Day at Jysk Aluminum Industri in November was also a “crowded” gathering with lots of exciting presentations and a tour of the foundry, as well as good catering.

Focus of the day was why casting is still interesting in a 3D print age and started with a presentation by Niels Skat Tiedje from DTU. The post consisted of two parts, the first of which dealt with the casting processes and the possibilities in relation to aluminium alloy. The second part was a deepening of aluminium casting alloys and their properties as a function of design and choice of casting processes.

Then Lasse Haarh-Lillevang from Danish Teknological Institute came and talked about 3D printing in aluminium, about new alloys and methods.

Mogens Albæk from Ide-Pro finished before lunch by talking about how they mix casting and 3D printing to find the most optimal and economical solutions for their customers.

After lunch, Peter Pedersen from Jysk Aluminium Industri talked about how they help customers in the construction phase to optimize and enable all the quirky and smart aluminium casting products that they help to produce. After that, we got an exciting and warm tour of the foundry.

A full version of the article and photos are available in Danish here >

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