PERCY (international project)

Danish Materials Network is in collaboration with 3 European network clusters:

which is our partners in a two-year project called PolymER ReCYcling or in short PERCY.

The project aims to intensify the international cluster and business network collaboration across the consortium’s partners around recycling and environmentally friendly design of products of polymers and composites involving polymers.

The project is funded by the EU through the EU Program for the COmpetitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs (COSME).


PERCY’s deliverables

The completed deliverables are gathered here:

Workpackage 2 – Market analysis of strategic target countries and markets

Workpackage 3 – Development of international partnerships

Workpackage 4 – Strategic road map towards joint internationalization

Workpackage 5 – Dissemination


More knowledge about PERCY

Read more about PERCY here:

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