Course: Introduction to Plastics – Focusing on Injection Moulding

Course scope

This course is designed to provide participants with the key principles of design for manufacture and injection moulding.

Participants follow the life cycle of a part from initial design to mould tooling and finally manufacture.

Participants will identify the links between part design, material selection, mould design and injection moulding to understand the key principles of each.

A key component of the course is to identify injection moulding challenges based upon material selection, part design, mould design and mould construction.
This creates an understanding of actions and consequences with the objective or eliminating significant issues through a parts design life cycle.

Participants will study concepts of tolerancing, material selection, product application, key design principles, the impact of different part features and consequences of design activities.
CAE is a common practice in DFM and how this activity can support DFM will be discussed.

In summary the course provides a solid foundation of knowledge required to design robust parts that reduce the risk of less than optimum mould designs; minimizing exposure to injection moulding non-conformities.

Course structure
Theory based course with interactive activities.

Course highlights

  • Plastic Material Selection
  • Injection Moulding Processing Overview
  • Mould Tool Concepts & Design Considerations
  • Part Design Best Practices
  • Interactions between Material Selection, Part Design & Mould Design

The seminar is ideal for
Production Personnel, Process Personnel, Quality Personnel, Design Personnel & Process Support Personnel


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