DMN is an innovation network facilitated by the commercial foundation Plast Center Danmark.

The innovation network DMN is a network under the Ministry of Education and Research and is run with the aid of a grant from there:


Ministry of Higher Education and Science(Uddanelses- og Forskningsministeriet):

The many activities set in motion by DMN, are financed through a mix of private and public funds.

In any project private financing will be in the order of 25-50% and this will typically be paid in the form of hours of project activity, theme days, etc. The remainder of the financing will come from one or more of the government agencies below:

The Region of Southern Denmark (Region Syddanmark):
Central Denamrk Region (Region Midtjylland):
Syddansk Vækstforum:
European Union (Den Europæiske Union):
Future Food Innovation:
DMN - The Danish industry portal for solving materials related problems