Plastic Fantastic

Torsdag, 27. august, 2020 - kl . 09:00 to kl . 16:00

In this seminar you will learn about the latest developments within functional plastic materials and surfaces. The speakers will present a broad range of materials with surprising properties that can add functionality to your products, or allow you to use plastics in new applications.

Genanvendelse af plastemballage - nu og fremadrettet

Tirsdag, 8. september, 2020 - kl . 09:30 to kl . 15:00

Den 8. september 2020 afholder DMN temadag om genanvendelse af emballage nu og fremadrettet. Der er krav om, at genanvendelsesprocenten for emballage skal forøges, så der i 2025 skal genanvendes 50 % af al den emballageplast der anvendes, mens der i 2030 skal genanvendes 55 %.

Laser Re-Manufacturing and Large-Scale Metal 3D Printing

Torsdag, 24. september, 2020 - kl . 09:00 to kl . 16:00

Additive manufacturing has become one of the main drivers within the industry 4.0 race. Laser technology-based 3D printing and re-manufacturing of new and defect components are developing into a huge market for many companies worldwide, both for suppliers, end-users, and customers.

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