When is a surface or component clean enough?

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When working with components and surfaces we often come across questions such as: “Is this clean?”, “How clean is it?”, and “Is that clean enough?” We ask these questions when dealing with various types of processes, including a surface that needs to be painted/plated, two parts that need to be welded together, a surface that will be used for pharmaceutical preparations, or in clean room facilities for other technical purposes. All these processes and systems depend on having a surface that is clean enough, and the consequences can be tremendous, if a product or process fails due to insufficient cleaning.

Answering these questions is, however, not as straightforward as one might first think. Cleanliness needs will vary depending on the use and location: Grease in a bearing system is expected but grease on a surface to be painted is not. Cleanliness is, therefore, often not a simple thing to either define or measure. In this seminar we will look at cleanliness issues in various types of applications and components, and participants can thereby find inspiration from other industries and research institutes. Topics such as how cleanliness can be defined, how it can be measured and how you can solve cleanliness issues will also be tackled.

Wednesday 9 June 13.00-15.30
The first afternoon will cover an overview of technical cleanliness. The focus will then shift to electronics, looking at how cleanliness affects reliability at the manufacturing stage, as well as how electronics can be cleaned following damage.

Thursday 10 June 13.00-15.50
The second afternoon will first look at cleanliness from the perspective of two specific industries: industrial manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry. Here we will look at how cleanliness is measured and the effect cleanliness has on production and product safety.  In the second half of the afternoon we will then look at cleaning processes and cleaning methods available and their contribution to sustainability.

Target audience
The seminar is aimed at quality engineers, industrial and production technicians, design engineers, process engineers


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Dato: onsdag den 9. juni 2021 kl. 13.00 - torsdag den 10. juni 2021 kl. 16.00 Sted: Online via MS Teams

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