Course: Understanding Injection Molding of Thermoplastics

A Practical Approach to Injection Molding of Thermoplastics

Dr. Vito LEO, recognizing the industry’s need for a hands-on solution to Injection Molding challenges, founded the BIMS-1 seminar in 1999. Over the years, the course has evolved based on feedback from 3000 participants, with a focus on practical problem-solving.

In response to a demand for more practical content, the 2024 seminar introduces a new format. The theoretical content will be streamlined, making room for a dynamic working group session facilitated by Vito LEO and Mads Jespersen from FlowHow ApS.

What’s New in 2024:

  • Practical Exercise: Participants will engage in a simulation-oriented exercise using Moldex3D, addressing real-world molding challenges.
  • Group Collaboration: Small groups will work on a molding case, making decisions on gate locations, filling times, packing pressure, and more.
  • Live Simulation: Proposals will be live-simulated, with a debriefing session showcasing effective and ineffective choices made by the groups.
  • Scoring System: A structured scoring system, based on issues like airtraps, warpage, shortshot, and clamp force, will determine winning groups proposing best in class molding solutions.
  • Material Variety: Groups will work on either unfilled crystalline material or a GF compound, ensuring comprehensive coverage of material-specific challenges.

This innovative addition aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, providing participants with a tangible understanding of applying learned materials to real industrial problem-solving scenarios.


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Dato: torsdag den 6. juni 2024 kl. 10.00 - fredag den 7. juni 2024 kl. 15.00 Sted: Denmark's Technical University, Anders Englundsvej 1, DK-2800 Lyngby

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