Corrosion protection

Online seminar – two half days via Teams

Seminar topics
Corrosion problems can have major negative consequences for our ability to achieve sustainability goals.

Corrosion does not only result in defective materials and unnecessary costs, but also in unnecessary usage of resources. Thereby corrosion can have a negative impact on our environment, climate, as well as human health.

The possibilities for achieving positive sustainablility impacts through corrosion protections are manifold.

Tuesday 17 January at 13:00-16:20
The first seminar day will focus on coatings and materials. We will dive into how to evaluate sustainability of products and technologies, sustainability of coating systems, recycling of metals and aluminium alloy as an alternative sustainable material.

Wednesday 18 January at 13:00-15:55
The second afternoon will focus on corrosion protection of electronics and remote corrosion monitoring. We have also invited two speakers who will share case stories from the offshore wind industry as well as from the automotive industry. Stories that also can be of inspiration for other industries.

Thereby the seminar will provide various types of inspiration for how to improve the possibilities of achieving sustainability goals through corrosion protection.

Target audience
This seminar is intended for you who work with strategic planning of both new construction and maintenance – e.g Engineers, Technical Consultants, Architects, “Caseworkers” in Technical.

Administrations, etc. – or are a business partners who might have a desire or direct requirement to work with low climate footprint, e.g. during transportation and production, longevity, recycling, or perhaps even sustainability certification.

The team behind the seminar
The seminar has been developed by Anette Alsted Rasmussen, Claus Qvist Jessen and Claus Erik Weinell from ATV-SEMAPP’s steering group for Corrosion Technology.

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Dato: tirsdag den 17. januar 2023 kl. 13.00 - onsdag den 18. januar 2023 kl. 16.00 Sted: Online via Teams

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