Biopolymer nanocomposites – the example of polylactiedes in food packaging

This one-day conference will feature five presentations which will present findings from the recently completed NanoPack project funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council. This project was focused particularly on PLA use for meat packaging.

To complement the presentations on this project, we will have two keynote speakers.

First, Roland Scharathow from European Bioplastics will give an overview of the production and use of bioplastics in Europe at the present time and, second, Dr Suprakas Sinha Ray, a world-renowned expert on PLA nanocomposites based at CSIR in Pretoria, South Africa, will give a summary of PLA nanocomposite challenges and opportunities.

Results obtained from another Danish project, involving application of life-cycle analysis to the selection of bioplastics, will be presented by another guest speaker, Nanja Hedal Kløverpris from Force Technology.

The conference will conclude with a networking session, allowing opportunities for further questions and discussion to be addressed, with a view to future directions in biopolymer research and development.

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If you do not understand Danish you can send an e-mail to Helle Borch for registration. Please state your name, address, phone no. and e-mail as well as your Company name and address for the participant fee.

Looking forward to meeting you at this exciting international conference!

Dato: torsdag den 27. oktober 2011 kl. 08.45 - kl. 16:30 Sted: Tivoli Hotel & Kongrescenter, Arni Magnussons Gade 2-4, København

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