Raw Material Day - with a focus on recycled and bio-based materials

Tirsdag, 14. september, 2021 - kl . 08:30 to kl . 15:45

The consumer demand for more sustainable products is rapidly increasing and specifically the extensive use of traditional plastics has come under scrutiny. Manufacturers in many industries are therefore looking to use plastic materials with a lower environmental impact.

Laser Re-Manufacturing and Large-Scale Metal 3D Printing

Tirsdag, 21. september, 2021 - kl . 09:00 to kl . 16:00

Additive manufacturing has become one of the main drivers within the industry 4.0 race. Laser technology-based 3D printing and re-manufacturing of new and defect components are developing into a huge market for many companies worldwide, both for suppliers, end-users, and customers.

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