Sustainability in Manufacturing - Integration Examples and Materials Management

Seminar scoop
At this seminar the primary focus will be on sustainability, materials, integration and material management. Defining and setting the course on how to work with sustainability is an important milestone in the path of working with sustainability. Both Danish and European companies will tell their stories and ambitions on the sustainability agenda, and show cases on which strategic action-points should be taken into account towards sustainability, incorporation of needed digitilization changes and examples of how to design products that affect the quality of recycled raw materials. Looking at production in Denmark from a sustainability perspective will be discussed and concrete examples will be presented on how to use sustainable and reused materials.
This seminar is taking a broad perspective, but also diving into very concrete topics, which will bring knowledge. You will learn and gain insight both from research and companies. You will experience a mix of talks, debates and between the talks you will have lots of opportunity for networking and get inspiration from the other participants. The seminar is hosted by Kamstrup in Skanderborg and includes a tour at their facilities.
The day will end with a panel discussion where both theoretical and practical issues will be put into perspective.
To get the full benefit we also recommend participation in the seminar on Sustainability in Manufacturing – Repair, Re-manufacturing and Packaging 21 June, 2022. At this seminar focus will be on packaging both from a consumer and a business perspective and again how this can be reused to minimize the footprint created. The seminar takes place at Forskerparken Odense. If you would like to participate at both seminars there will be a discount.
Target audience
This seminar is aimed at production and development -engineers, sustainability officers and engineers in general working with strategics in production Denmark.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2022 - 9:30am to 4:15pm
Kamstrup A/S, Industrivej 28, DK-8660 Skanderborg