Theme day on waste sorting

In the beautiful Copenhagen City Hall, DMN co-organized the second theme day of the year about “Uniform waste sorting with focus on plastic – input from the entire value chain” and we even had a post on the day with the theme “Recyclability of household collected plastic”.

After several speeches, a workshop on the theme of the day was held in the afternoon. After the meeting, an overall version of the input was made from the 2 meetings (the first meeting was Februrary 6 in Aarhus) and the 6 recommendations were made:

  • Common definition on sorting household plastic waste in all municipalities in the country.
  • Citizens make the rough sorting in the household waste so all hard and soft plastic end in a one place and are sorted into detailed types in a sorter.
  • All Danish municipalities use a common pictogram system.
  • Sorting in the household plastic must be performed near the individual citizens, where the household plastic are gathered by collecting system.
  • Active efforts must be made to establish incentive structures that make it worthwhile for the citizens to sort e.g. expanding the deposit system.
  • Increased communication must be made about waste sorting in general, including the benefits (economically and environmentally) by disposing of plastic in households.

A full version of the article is available in Danish here >

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