Theme day about Aluminium and Steel in the Food Industry was held

On 28 September, 35 participants gathered in “Arbejdsgiverne”s beautiful house in Odense for an exciting and interesting day with a lot of relevant content about the use of aluminum and steel in the food industry. AluNet, StaalNet and Danish Materials Network had composed a serious program where there was no competition between the two materials, but much more a bid for when and where the two materials had their pros and cons.

From the start, a lively discussion and input from participants was added to make the day more for an ERFA day than a heavy knowledge day. This was true not only during the breaks and at lunch, but that a lot of questions and discussion came during the presentations.

The academic presentations were about aluminium and steel, their characteristics in the food industry, and a general introduction to the many regulations and requirements of the food industry. In addition, there were two exciting and interesting presentations about the chemistry used in the food industry and how optimal cleaning is performed.

The final presentation was a real life case of optimizing the properties of materials.

A full version of the article in Danish and pictures are available here >

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