The CEO revealed that Quantafuel will build a factory in Esbjerg

In the webinar “The Material Sector’s first Steps towards a Circular Economy”, held by the German Swedish Tech Forum, Quantafuel’s CEO Kjetil Bøhn revealed that Quantafuel will build their first full-scale production plant in Esbjerg.

The facility will be established on a 140,000 square meter plot at Veldbæk Industrivez in the district of Måde, Esbjerg. Quantafuel plans to invest DKK 100 million. euros in the facility and will at the same time create 60-70 new jobs in Esbjerg. The facility will be able to process 80,000 tonnes of plastic material per year.

Danish Materials Network is pleased to hear the news about Quantafuel’s expansion and establishment in Esbjerg. For an extended period, Quantafuel has participated in one of Dansk Materiale Netværk’s collaborative projects concerning the recycling of hard-to-recycle plastic fractions. In the project, in which Aalborg University also participates and several other industrial partners, it looks at e.g. which chemical compounds are formed by pyrolysis of different plastic mixtures. This collaboration is planned to be expanded under the auspices of the Green Circular Transition project collaboration and will begin in 2021.

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