Study Trip

In the beginning of December 2021 Danish Materials Network held a study trip.

We started with a visit to Nomi 4S in Holstebro, which first informed about the company and their services, after which we got a nice tour of their plant. It was very impressive to see and hear about how they work to inform school children about sorting and values of what is considered by many to be waste.

The sorting plant is large and highly automated. Using different techniques, metals are separated depending on whether they are magnetic or not, while the plastic types are sorted into 3 fractions, resp. PE, PP and PET. We also saw how a grab quickly and effectively got the metal part removed from mattresses.

Then the trip went to GreenLab and Quantafuel in Spøttrup.

GreenLab is the world’s first real green energy park. In the park, everything is connected by GreenLabs SymbiosisNet ™ – an intelligent network of energy and data that allows companies to share their excess energy and resources.

Sustainable energy is thus produced, which is delivered to the companies in the park, where it is converted into heat, electrofuels and other green products.

Quantafuel, which is located in the GreenLab energy park, has an impressive pyrolysis plant where plastic waste is processed into chemical components which can subsequently be used for new plastic. Plant Manager, Rasmus Kjærgaard was very open about the challenges they have had along the way and willingly answered questions from all participants. Among other things, they have had to rebuild the plant due to challenges with the flue gas. Quantafuel is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2022.

After the company visits, the trip went to Hotel Strandtangen in Skive, where most people stayed. It was possible to take a walk and network with other participants or just take a nap before the networking dinner. During the dinner there was a good atmosphere again with good opportunities to network.

The study trip ended after breakfast the next day.

We thank the companies involved for their great commitment.

The subsequent evaluation showed that the participants were very satisfied with the trip.

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