Follow-up of inspirational trip to Catalonia during the period 23 – 26 October 2016

Danish Materials Network, DMN, travelled between 23 – 26th October 2016 to Catalonia with a de­le­ga­tion of Danish companies. The target was to get a better and closer understanding of the Catalan meat market with a focus on process equipment for slaughterhouses and processing companies.

First we met with 3 Catalan clusters: INNOVACC, Cluster MAV and Packaging Cluster, who work with de­ve­lopment of process equipment for the meat industry, the use of advanced materials and develop­ment of packaging.

Afterwards we visited 3 companies NOEL, Esfosa and Baucells, and there were good opportunities for cooperation between the Spanish and Danish part. Anders Berg, JUEL Concept&Consulting, agent for a large part of the Danish equipment manufacturers, was also there.

Our visit was organized by Narcis Margal, Director of the Trade Office in Barcelona, who gave us a lot of information about Catalonia and Spain as well as a number of good tips as how to behave towards the Catalan companies.

A full version of the article is available in Danish here >

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