3D printing arrangement at NEXTTECH

The last day of October, 35 guests had accepted the invitation to see what 3D printing can do for their company.

NEXTTECH is a knowledge Center where companies can become members, thereby benefitting from NEXTTECHs knowledge and skills within 3D printing in both metal and plastic.

The arrangement was held in corporation with DMN, with free participation for everyone interested.

The program of the day was very diverse, and the final tour in the machinery park certainly made an impression.

Before this, Kurt Due Petersen – PLM Group, had given a comprehensive introduction to the possibilities and perspectives of 3D printing.

CEO Thomas Munch-Laursen from Aguardio went through a specific development case, where he emphasized the importance of, and the possibilities in, adapting the product development to the process, not just continuing an original subject’s earlier construction.

Before the day ended at 1 pm, NEXTTECH served sandwiches in a relaxed atmosphere, where there was time for further questions and networking.

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